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Hey hi hello, my name is Crosby and I have made this WordPress blog for my General Psychology class in college. I am currently a sophomore who is planning on majoring in Psychology and Religious Studies. I am taking this class to fulfill a credit which will go towards my major. More importantly, I find psychology fascinating because it reveals how our brains are wired in accordance to our beliefs about ourselves and the world. I think that learning about ourselves is crucial to living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Because of this value on the study of psychology, I am especially interested in learning about personality theories, brain structures and functions, and the different ways that we are conditioned. I think that all of these ways will shed light on why we function the way we function. In other words, why we believe the things that we believe and explain some of our behaviors. It is interesting to think about how diverse all of our personalities are even though the structure of our brains are so similar to everyone else’s. With this considered, I expect that learning about the different ways that we are conditioned will exemplifies the ways that this occurs.

Although this all seems very intriguing, I am not too interested in learning about sleep, memory, or stress. This is mostly due to the fact that I have a hard time sleeping and remembering things and I have a copious amount of stress in my life. One might think that because of this I would be interested in these subjects. This is not the case actually because sometimes talking about these subjects just frustrate me and annoy me.

The major question that I would like to explore during this course is how scientists have recognized mental illnesses and how they have found ways to treat them. I am curious to when terms such as ‘depression’ and ‘anxiety’ became associated with certain beliefs and how researches began to categorize certain behaviors into theseĀ diseases.

About Me

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am also really interested in learning about personality theories and brain functions. I think by learning more about the brain, we can learn a lot more about ourselves, our personalities, and why we function in different ways during specific situations. It will also be interesting to learn about how conditioning can affect us and some of our basic habits and behaviors, and how conditioning can lead to vast differences in personality among people may seem very similar on the surface. I also am extremely fascinated by mental illnesses and how they are viewed by psychiatrists. It will also be interesting to learn more about various mental illnesses, and their causes, symptoms and possible cures. Although I am looking forward to learning more about sleep and memory, I can sympathize with how discussing something you have trouble with can make you even more frustrated. I agree with not looking forward to learning about stress, I have the same issue with it, and I feel like we get the same lectures about stress management at the start of every semester.


  2. Part of our discussion on sleep will actually be about what to do when you have trouble sleeping. Hopefully that will be useful for you! There will also be sleep workshops some of my upper-level students are conducting later this semester. We don’t get too much into the history of depression in this course, but we will talk about different perspectives and treatment options.


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