In Class Experiment

Today in class we conducted an experiment relating to the effects of variables. While attempting to determine the difference between Coke and Pepsi, students found that the uncontrolled factors throughout the experiment created a difficult environment to find accurate results in.
For one thing, the presentation of the soda was poor. The study called for an ounce of each sample yet there was no way to measure out exactly an ounce. Also, the samples came directly one after another with out a reliable way to clean the palate. Although the students sampling the liquid did receive water for in between samples, there was not enough time nor complete way of removing the taste of the last liquid.
If I were to recreate this experiment, I would have start out with having the students knowingly sample coke and then pepsi before each unknown sample. Also, I would give the student an hour in between each sample and a glass of water measured to a specific amount for the students to drink during the duration of this hour. I would also provide a way for the individuals pouring the drink to measure out the exact amount of fresh, cold soda for the sampler.
In general, I think that the experiment did a good job of picking a selection of individuals to participate, even though the majority of them were volunteers from the same Psych 101 class. The experiment also provided a double blinded scenario in which the student testing was not in contact with the individual randomly selecting Pepsi or Coke and vice versa.
Over all, this experiment was decent, although I honestly expected an Austin College professor to have the capability of setting up an experiment without so many flaws…..

In Class Experiment

2 thoughts on “In Class Experiment

  1. For the record I wanted there to be some issues for the class to discuss so I purposely incorporated some mistakes :), but I’ll also want this to be an example that every research study has flaws. What’s important is the type of flaws and how they impact the results. Keep this in mind as we go through the semester and I present classic studies in psychology. Be mindful of potential flaws and what that means for our understanding of psychology.


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