Learning Styles

In my opinion, one of the coolest things about learning is realizing that there are terms for the ways that I process things or for the concept I think about. In this case, it is super groovy that there are actual styles that fit my way of thinking and learning. I have always found it frustrating how at times I can see the almost graph like picture in my head which explains a concept perfectly yet I do not have the words to explain it to another person. It makes perfect sense to me that I would be considered a visual learner, at least by the standards of the Learning Style Inventory I took. I have a difficult time trusting a 24 question survey that took less than 10 minutes to complete to provide substantial insight into myself, but the results appear to fit with my experience.

The results from the Learning Style Inventory align with part of the results from the other learning styles study from North Carolina State University. Both studies agree that I am a visual learner. The North Carolina Study goes farther and breaks down other components such as my reflective, intuitive, and global attributes. Again, these results adhere to my experience of learning and remembering even though the survey seemed rather short and generalized.

At Austin College, I find that I do a lot better in humanities classes where we discuss theories and the overview of a concept rather than a math or science class in which a concept is broken down. I succeed well with my learning styles at Austin College because I choose which classes I take and with what teachers.

Learning Styles

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