Implicit Association Test

Upon taking two of the Implicit Association Tests, I was honestly a bit annoyed. One of the tests I took which measured my implicit racism towards Asians had me also categorize American and Foreign architecture. I found this to be difficult as I am not well versed in architecture and found myself characterizing the images I was familiar with as American and the ones the I did not know as Foreign. Although this could easily reveal my unconscious nature towards the familiar and unfamiliar, I found it completely distracting through out the test. The second test I took was an Alcohol Brief Implicit Association Test. While I was taking this test I noticed that the first category that I received grouped words pertaining to ‘abstaining’ and ‘me’ together. Throughout the test, this category continued to be the easiest for me. I can’t help but wonder if this was simply because it was the first category so I was use to the motions or if it truly was a reflection of my biases toward drinking and abstaining.

Currently I do not see these tests as useful because I think that there are flaws in the set up. With that said, if an individual were to take the test with a set time between each group, the results could contain more accurately information. I understand that the tests I took were simply a brief replication of a full IAT, but I think that it was too short to concur accurate results from (and yet too boring and long to be interesting).

Implicit Association Test

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