Change Direction

In all honestly, I do not think that he Change Direction campaign will have a major impact on society. This may seem a bit obvious, but our faces do not look like those emojis. If those are the ‘signs’ we are looking for to identify, we will be looking for a very long time and with few results. A concept that is often over looked in society is that individuals with depression can in fact smile. There is no dark grey cloud following them around like in the Cymbalta commercials either. Mental Illnesses can be very difficult to notice; we saw this when simply trying to define what abnormal behavior is. Personally, I see a lot of weaknesses to this campaign. It could be nice to have a guide of what to look out for among friends, but honestly I think according to this campaign all Austin College students could be diagnosed with a mental illness during finals week. I think that this campaign would easily be turned into a joke on campus just because of how stressed students at Austin College are. With that said, I do think that Austin College needs some sort of community support system in place where people can learn about mental illness and how to talk to someone who is experiencing depression, anxiety, or another mental illness. I like the part of the campaign where support information is given, but those hotlines seem a bit impersonal. I think above all students just need resources on how to communicate effectively. We know our friends well enough to know if they need help and most of us do not trust the counseling services or any other authority.

Change Direction

2 thoughts on “Change Direction

  1. I agree 100% that this campaign on the Austin College campus would be a complete joke. If only it was that easy to see the grey cloud following people around, mental illnesses would be easier to point out and help. For my campaign, I suggested keeping the Adams Center open 24/7. Most people, like myself, don’t slow down to talk about their feelings until late at night. Unfortunately, I only know one person I can call at 4 AM to talk about life. If the Adams Center was open late at night, students may start doing better in their classes because they can talk about what is stressing them out or any family issues that are going on. Plus people might even begin to feel more open about their pent up stress. I also agree with you about the hotlines. Yes, let me call some stranger about my problems and get their advice when they do not know all the parts of the story. That’s a fabulous idea.


  2. I agree with what you said about how most of the Austin College students could be diagnosed with a mental illness during finals week. People experience these 5 stages all the time without having a mental illness. The 5 signs are not detailed enough to raise awareness about issues happening in mental health. I agree also about how this would be turned into a joke on the Austin College campus. Most students here do not take things like mental health seriously and starting a campaign like this on campus would not bring the response that is wanted. So many students here could be going through struggles with mental health and not have anyone to talk to about it. While a good thing about college is being surrounded by your peers all of the time, you do not always want to talk about things like this. If you don’t know people well its hard to open up, but things like the hotline are impersonal like you said.


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